Build your team with SmoothTeam

SmoothTeam is

  • Gamified tool where you solve real-life cases with your colleagues
  • For learning about team members: find the hidden strengths, understand other's preferences
  • Scenarios are based on theories of personality differences and team dynamics
  • Easy to carry out - a session takes about 2-3 hours

For whom?

  • Teams of 3-15 members
  • Works well over teleconference
  • Both local and distant teams
  • Temporary and permanent teams
  • Management teams and project teams
  • New or already well-established teams
  • Not, however, a conflict-resolving tool

Can we try it?

Yes you can! We have run the game in tens of different sized companies and organisations. If you are interested, please leave your contact information and we'll get back to you.


What our customers have said about the
SmoothTeam exercise?

“I think it's a really fun way to go through this kind of discussions. Normally you don't get to discussions like this.”

”Very nice to hear and tell others, where they are good at. And you realise that everyone actually has a very important role in the team.”

”This gives a permission to be critical and self-critical. Because it's not so personal, when you think it through case situations.”

“If there was a negative spirit in the team, I think it would be possible to open it through a game like this. If there are conflicts and stuff, you can get above the situation and discuss through different scenarios what the person is like. You don't need to go criticising the others, but can start solving the situation through group dynamics.”

"I actually got really excited."

"This raised the idea that we have development discussions annually, but we've never had development discussions for the team. We really don't think of our roles and stuff. "

Our customers

City of Helsinki - Tyynelan toimintakeskus         Hemtex                            Tampereen jumppatiimi          The University of Oulu

Bitwise             Ehta Raha
Arja Raukola

Team work is a key to success of all companies. Many teams are working in several locations. Teams typically have unused resources and unidentified strengths.

SmoothTeam works to unlock the full potential of teams in an efficient yet fun way.

We have worked with global companies and local organisations to strengthen their teams.