SmoothTeam is a game-based tool for developing team cooperation and productivity. It helps in learning to know team members, understanding personal differences, and taking advantage of individual strengths. SmoothTeam can be run over a teleconference or the team can be in the same place, whichever works best for each team.

The illustration below shows the progression of a SmoothTeam simulation.

Here are some of the advantages of SmoothTeam:

  • Fast, fun and effective method to use even on temporary project teams
  • Facilitator included: book a simulation, and you get a professional facilitator to run the scenario.
  • The costs of using the application are in a few hundreds rather than several thousands
  • The team can choose where and when to take the exercise
  • Running a scenario takes 2-3 hours, depending on the team size and the goals of the session
  • New scenarios are developed constantly, so the exercise can be repeated at regular intervals in a different context
  • The team can analyse its progress when taking another run at the exercise  - are team members' strengths being increasingly recognised?

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What has been actually said during the SmoothTeam sessions?

”I have rated this low, because it’s about listening to concerns. I rather prefer to think of solutions.”

“Emma could charm anyone.”

“Maria can be very strong and tough but only with the people she knows.”

”This is something I have done a lot. I have a background in India, where I had to negotiate a lot”

”Henri, I think you’re pretty good at bargaining.”

“Nina is able to quickly make decisions and move forward.”

"Perhaps I took that tole because I am the leader of the team, even though someone else could actually do it better."

Running a scenario takes 2-3 hours, depending on the team size and the goals of the session